5 tips for awesome wedding photos.



Perhaps more than any other vendor on your wedding day, it’s imperative that you get along well with the person who will be taking your photos! Your photographer will be with you more than any other non-family person throughout the day, so you don’t want someone you don’t like to put a damper on the festivities. Make sure you meet with your photographer beforehand, and that you develop a rapport with them. This will help you be more comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day, and being comfortable means better photos!



Somewhat related to #1, this is an important step to developing a rapport with your photographer. Make sure that the person taking your photos on your wedding day is also the person shooting your engagement photos. The engagement session is a great way to learn your photographer’s style and personality better, and gives you a “practice run” for the big day. Getting warmed up in front of the camera before the big day goes a long way to making you more comfortable and relaxed for your wedding photos. This session is also a good way for your photographer to get to know you – what you like, don’t like, and how you love. After all, the photos are all about YOU!


I cannot stress how important this tip is! A professional hair and makeup artist will know exactly how to style you so that your beauty lasts all day long. Makeup can cover blemishes, hide flaws, and most importantly make you feel beautiful! When a bride feels beautiful in front of the camera, they are more likely to be comfortable in front of the camera. And, you got it, the more comfortable you are, the better your photos! Don’t be afraid to work it in front of the camera!


Make sure your photographer knows about any important rituals or traditions that you will be having on your day, the order of events during the reception, and/or who those important family members are. Photographers can’t be everywhere at once, so if they know what’s coming, there’s less of a chance that they will miss it. Likewise, they don’t know everyone in your family, so if you don’t gather family members for those all-important family formals, make sure you assign someone the task. A good photographer will ask you all these questions in advance to make sure they are aware of everything that will be happening on the big day.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s vitally important to good photos! If you’re having fun and enjoying your day, your photos will show it. Don’t be afraid to laugh in front of the camera, kiss your fiancé, or make goofy faces at each other. This is the one day you will have to celebrate your new marriage, so ENJOY it! The camera is on you all day long, even when you don’t realize it. Smiling and enjoying yourself is the best way to get good candids. Relax! It’s your day!
Your wedding photos are the one thing you have after the big day is done. Make preparations to ensure that you will enjoy them forever. Taking photos doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right photographer, it can be a fun, enjoyable process! If you are engaged, and think that I might be that photographer, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!
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