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We absolutely LOVE it when we get to work with a family more than once! We shot Ellen's wedding a couple years ago, so when her sister Emily called us for her own wedding, we were thrilled! Not only are these two sisters both gorgeous (I'm the luckiest photographer!), but they belong to the sweetest family. Like her sister, Emily has chosen a good, handsome, and funny man to accompany her through life. We had so much fun meeting Josh and getting to know these two better!

We are officially done with weddings for 2016! We will still be busy the next few months with lots happening behind the scenes and time spent on re-energizing for next year, but we are tickled pink to end this year's wedding season with a bang! We have been on pins and needles for this wedding, this celebration, this couple, ever since their Nashville engagement session! And once you see our recap of their day, we know you'll understand why!

We are so excited to share this special wedding today! This was definitely one that we have been looking forward to for quite some time. We were so lucky to learn more about Natalie and Adam and the special love they share. We were so lucky to be the ones to photograph their beautiful day! But most of all, we are so lucky to have Natalie as a dance instructor, competition director, and mentor for our children. We have loved growing up in the Dance Dynamics family, and Natalie is one of the reasons that our kids have developed into the talented dancers that they are today!

Every wedding has a surprise or two up its sleeve. The surprise with this one was that there were no surprises! Everything was as smooth as silk. Not only did everything go off without a hitch, but this sweet couple made our job so easy! They had plenty of gorgeous details, and they gave us plenty of time for lots of portraits. It was so hard narrowing them down for this post! The best part of the whole day, though? We have never seen a couple so happy to be married. We loved every single second of this one!

Every wedding we photograph is special and important, but after nearly 8 years of shooting, this one was extra special to us. We were completely invested in this couple, because they are our best friends. Ed works with Jonathan, so we've known him forever, and we've been waiting patiently for him to find the perfect match. We've only ever wanted the very best for him. We're so glad that when it finally happened, it was Jessica!

I knew I loved Tiffany right away when she was not afraid to hug me when we met. I'm a hugger, so for me, that was a great sign! But what I didn't know at the time was how much I would fall in love with both her and Cody's whole families. Ed and I are big on family (four kids. duh.), so when we saw how close these two are with their families, that sealed the deal. By the end of the day, we considered ourselves honorary family members, and you can never have too much family!

Kanesha and Bates really do live a fairy tale life. They are deeply in love, they are both insanely musically talented, and they have the cutest little boy ever. They were officially married some time ago, in a small private ceremony, with Bates' dad as the officiant. They are content and spend their days chasing their dreams, and their son. The only thing that was missing was the fairy-tale wedding that Kanesha had been dreaming about since she was a little girl.

We love Mary and Stuart so much - mostly because they are so much like us! They prefer laughs and goofiness over serious, they are not afraid of color, and their love story starts with cocktail hour (and lots of rum)! They live in Florida now, and we are quite jealous. It is our lifelong goal to one day be closer to the water. But mostly, we miss the heck out of them. We know they are headed for wonderful things, but it's hard not seeing their smiling faces on a regular basis. That's one of the reasons we are so thrilled to see their wedding featured on Westchester Wedding Planner!

Danielle and Will planned their wedding so that they could be married only a few short weeks after suffering through the Bar Exam. We all joked that if they could endure that test of will together, then marriage would be a breeze! In all seriousness, though, these two have nothing to worry about. Their hearts are already so giving, and their arms already so open, that taking this next step is just the natural course of their adventure together.

I know I don't need to say (again!) how much we love elopements! Remember this amazingly fun yellow and grew courthouse wedding? Michelle and Terrence are a great couple, and we had such a good time with them! Their courthouse ceremony was short, but oh so sweet! They were such great sports wandering around downtown Memphis with us afterward for their portraits. We got to know them better, shared quite a few laughs, and grabbed some awesome photos!