wolf pen gap: day two.


We got up early, but a small oil leak delayed us. We didn’t bring extra oil (lesson #1), so we realized a quick trip to the nearest store had to happen first. By nearest, I mean a 20 minute one-way trip down a gravel county road to the Big Fork Mall. And by Mall, I mean a tiny, one-room convenience store that only took cash.

We were definitely not in Memphis.

Soon afterward, we were making our way toward Trail 6, our favorite from our last trip to Wolf Pen Gap. This trail was a little more advanced than the flat “easiest” trails and had a beautiful view of the mountains at the top. We had 21 people in various combinations on 9 atvs. You had to make sure you really liked the person you were riding with, because he/she would be the only one you could hear until the next stop.

We took our time and made several stops. We were just enjoying the perfect sunny day, the ride, the views, and the company. These photos were all taken with my iPhone, since I am too chicken smart to bring along the money-maker.

(the first photo shows our second 4-wheeler with Helen driving and Jessie on the back. Alex and I rode with Ed on our bigger one.)

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (1)


We found a perfect clearing for lunch and my brother fired up the portable grill.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (2)


Our destination for the first part of the day was an old mine opening. This is a photo of the entire group (minus myself and my mom who were behind cameras) in front of the mine.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (3)


For fun, here’s a quick 25 second video of my view of the ride:

On the way back down the mountain, we made several scenic stops. The kids loved exploring the numerous streams. We all wore our rain boots so that we could walk through any water and/or mud. Rainboots + mountain creeks = happy Hutchinsons!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (4)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (5)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (6)


We returned to the cabins for dinner, but while it was being cooked (thanks mom for the spaghetti and meatballs!), some of us went exploring. There are some unmarked, unofficial trails right across the street (if you can call a one lane gravel road a street) from our cabins, and we spent an hour or so finding out where they led.

Sometimes I prefer a trail with no clear destination than one  whose ending is known and has been seen by countless others. You can quote me on that.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (7)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (8)

After dinner, the sun was low enough for some beautiful photos with my real camera. Jessie is always requesting photos, and I am always more than happy to oblige!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (9)


I was scrolling through my LCD screen, and thought these would make a super cute stop motion clip. Yeah. I was right!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (10)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (11)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (12)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (13)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (14)

These boys. I can’t tell you how cute they are when they get together! They’re always up to something. This was right after Alex rescued Dylan’s boot from the creek. They’re so silly! Love it to pieces.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (15)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (16)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (17)


Here’s to unknown destinations. And enjoying the ride along the way. And  mountain creeks in abundance. Cheers!

  • Krampa
    Posted at 17:52h, 16 April

    Love the b&w of the water pipes! Oh, and all the rest are great too.