wolf pen gap: day three.

The Rocks of Doom. That’s how I will forever refer to them.

The day started out easily enough. No oil leaks this time. No flat tires. Just get up and ride. Our first destination was High Point, a scenic overlook at the top of moderately difficult Trail 3. I have to say, I’m super proud of the way my girls drive a 4-wheeler, especially up a steep slope with lots of rocks. Once we got to the top, the view was definitely worth it!

Again, these are all iPhone photos (and edited on the iPhone with PicTapGo).

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (5)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (4)


The ride back down Trail 3 was probably my favorite. Lots of ups and down, and fabulous views. Here’s a quick video I took of our route:

We returned to the cabin for lunch, and then our group split up. Some wanted to drive (cars) to the waterfalls which we had seen last year. The rest of us, however, preferred to keep riding until sundown, so that’s what we did. There was only one trail left that we hadn’t done so far: Trail 8. And it was listed as difficult. But the ride up to High Point was not easy either, and we did that just fine, so we mistakenly had confidence for anything (lesson #2).

Trail 8 started out a lot like Trail 3. Piece of cake. Until we got near the top of the mountain. My brother was leading the convoy, and we saw him stop and get out. So we followed suit to see what he was looking at.

The Rocks of Doom.

Up ahead, the trail was nothing but a steep hill of boulders. Not gravel. Not rocks. Actual, enormous boulders. And the cliffside of a mountain on the other side. I was already trying to figure out how we were going to turn around and go back down. There was no way I was riding up that slope!

My brother, always the instigator, had other plans.

It didn’t help that there was another group of people at the top telling us to do it. It didn’t help that my brother never backs down from a challenge. It didn’t help that he always follows his own path, this time, quite literally. He told us to wait on the side while he turned his big side by side around. The next thing I know, he’s full speed ahead riding up the Rocks of Doom. When he got close to the edge of the mountain, I had to turn around. Then the cheering let me know he made it safely.

Except there was no way we were all turning around now! The women and children hiked to the top while Ed and my brother brought the rest of the atvs (there were 4 total for this trip) up the Rocks of Doom.

My heart was pounding the entire time. And when it was over, I was so angry at myself for not taking any photos! None of my girls did either. But I do have a quick 11 second video that a friend (thanks, Mel!) managed to grab while my brother was nearing the top. It doesn’t show the steepest part, but you get the idea (and a quick cameo by Ed!):

After my heart stopped pounding, I remembered my senses and grabbed my camera for a few photos of the kids at the top of the overlook.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (3)

We didn’t let Morgan drive up the steep part (she’s still mad about that, but oh well), but we let her bring it up the rest of the way. I love this photo of my brother and my husband. We owe the most adventurous part of our trip to them!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (2)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (1)


By the time our adventure was over, it was nearly sunset and time for our last dinner and bonfire. We’re already planning our next trip. I’m ready to ride!

Here’s to adventure. And heading for the rocks when no one is looking. And coming out alive. Cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 20:36h, 17 April

    Love the short video! I’ll ride anytime!! I’m ready!!