wolf pen gap: day one.


We left on a rainy morning. It was cloudy, dreary, and wet. But we were on our way toward sunshine, and it couldn’t come soon enough! Driving through hours of wind and rain was a small price to pay for four days of warm sunshine in the mountains.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (1)


Sure enough, the clouds had parted by the time we arrived. The trees were blooming, and there was nothing but blue sky above our modest cabin that would be home over the weekend.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (2)


Alex and his cousin Dylan were already plotting trouble!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (3)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (4)

Less than an hour after unloading the 4-wheelers from the trailer, the kids were ready to ride.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (5)

Okay, and so were the adults. My brother gets the credit for these trips. He is the one who convinced me that I had to buy not one, but two 4-wheelers so that we could ride through the mountains on an extended weekend family trip. Our first trip last year to the Wolf Pen Gap park was so much fun that we could all hardly wait to go again!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (6)

I didn’t take my real camera with me on the trails, but I made sure to get a Lifeproof case for my iPhone so that I would have a camera that was protected from the water, mud, and dust that we were sure to encounter. This is the only photo I got of Ed and I together, right before we rode out the first day. Alex sat in front (the girls all rode together on our second one).

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (7)


After a short exploration, we returned to gorgeous light at the cabins. Luckily, the kids are always willing to take photos!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (8)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (9)


Then it was back to riding before sunset. One our our favorite vistas is a short (but steep) climb just across the street from our cabin site. It was the perfect place for more photos.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (10)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (11)

Such gorgeous views!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (12)

The girls were trying to give me their serious model pose…

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (13)


But it didn’t last long. I think this one is more them.

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (14)


This. photo. melts. my. heart!

Wolf Pen Gap Trip (15)


Wolf Pen Gap Trip (16)


We ended the first evening with a crab boil and lots of good conversation around a bonfire. We turned in early to rest up for a full day of riding the next day. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some of the photos from the trails, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a Day 2 post to recap!

Here’s to leaving the rain behind. And mountain sunsets. And little cabins in the woods. Cheers!

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