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I promised to show more of our own personal albums, so today I’m sharing the LA travel album I made of the trip Jessie and I took to California. This was a very special trip for me, since it was just her and me (and a lot of dancers!), and I wanted to be sure to document the week’s worth of fun that we had! My hope is that one day, this album will be as special to her as it is to me. She loves looking through it now, of course (my kids love looking at themselves!), but later it will be even more important to her when she looks back at it and remembers the mother-daughter time we spent together.

Just like our Spring Break travel album, this is a small, 8×8 album with 20 pages. Instead of a black leather cover, though, I chose a navy blue linen cover to match Jessie’s dress in the photo that I chose for the cover cutout. Linen covers are my new favorite! They are so beautiful and classic, and I love matching the color to the vibe of the album. This album is a mix of pro photos and iPhone photos. I use my iPhone almost as much as my “real” camera on trips and vacations, and I have no problem putting those photos in these albums too! The important thing to remember here is to print your photos, whether professional, amateur, SLR, or iPhone. Looking through physical, printed photos is a whole different experience than flipping through photos on Facebook or your phone.

I took some photos of the actual album to show how beautiful it turned out. These are a few of my favorite spreads!

la-travel-album-21 la-travel-album-22

la-travel-album-23 la-travel-album-24

I also want to show the digital design of the entire album. It’s easier to see the layout and the photos this way, but it’s not near as nice as flipping through the real thing! I’ve put a black border around the page design to show the dimensions of the album, but the black line was not printed in the final album.

Like all the albums I design, I want the final piece to be a STORY. This is a book, after all! I added some headings to the pages, just so I could remember the dates and names of all the places we went.

LA Travel Album

This was our view from our hotel.

LA Travel Album

Jessie spent a LOT of time dancing, so I made sure to include lots of photos from the convention.

LA Travel Album

But the moms were lucky enough to get out of the hotel for a few excursions.

LA Travel Album LA Travel Album LA Travel Album LA Travel Album

LA Travel Album

Our visit to Disneyland was definitely a highlight! I’m so glad I have children who like to take photos! Instead of waiting in lines for all the rides, Jessie and I wandered around for our own little photoshoot. THIS is what I want to remember most about this trip – the time we got to spend alone together.

LA Travel Album LA Travel Album LA Travel Album LA Travel Album

The thing she probably wants to remember most? Getting princess autographs from all the adorable girls who were dressed up as their favorite Disney characters. Jessie made their day!

LA Travel Album LA Travel Album

We finally broke some of the girls out of the convention for a photoshoot on the beach.

LA Travel Album LA Travel Album LA Travel Album

We ended the trip with the formal awards banquet, and another small photoshoot. My girl loves getting dressed up!

LA Travel Album LA Travel Album

The last page is filled with iPhone photos that Jessie took with all her instructors. When Jessie first saw this page, she said “wow, these turned out better than I thought they did.” Even she was impressed with how much better photos look when printed!

LA Travel Album

Looking through these albums is like reliving the best moments in our lives. I think that’s the most powerful thing about photos. I love that! When the day is over, all you have left are your memories. Take care of them, and get them printed! That way, they can last forever.


  • Liz terry
    Posted at 12:47h, 11 June

    What book company did you use? Layout? Love your design! Thanks for sharing!!