Valentine’s Day

Another year, another February. Another Valentine’s Day. I still hold to my Valentine’s-Day-Is-Stupid mantra (and that photo STILL cracks me up), but not quite as tightly as before. I’m starting to soften up a little. If you can’t beat em, join em, right?

My daughter’s boyfriend asked me the other day what he should get her for Valentine’s Day. While I didn’t have a definitive answer, I jumped right into what not to get her.

1. Flowers

C’mon. Let’s not be clichĂ© here. Flowers die. They’re pretty for a day or two. Then they start dropping petals and make a mess. And you throw them out. Don’t get your love anything that you eventually throw out. What does that say for love?

Disclaimer: the flowers below were from my own garden. Didn’t cost me a penny, and they weren’t for Valentine’s Day 😉 And besides, they’re just for pretty.


2. Candy

Girls, especially teenage girls, are very self-conscience of their figures. Don’t buy them a box full of sugary fat that they will feel obligated to eat, then feel guilty when they do. Also, see number 1 above. Don’t get them anything that won’t last.

Disclaimer: Totally not against dessert with dinner 😉

3. Stuffed Animals

What, are we five? I know lots of teenagers who would disagree with this one, but I stand firm. Toys are for children. And guys who don’t know what else to get their girl on Valentine’s Day.


4. Card

Ed will kill me for this one. He’s a card man. He has one for me every year. And I love them, really I do. But the part I love about them is the extra sentence or two that he writes himself. I could care less about what Hallmark has to say about love, but I love hearing it from him. So nix the card. They’re overpriced anyway. Instead, buy her a journal, and write little love letters in it (my daughter would love that). Or get some pretty stationary and write her a real letter. Don’t let someone else say it for you.

5. Lingerie

We know that’s not really for her. Just sayin’.

So, now that I’ve told you what not to get her, what do you get her? It’s different for everyone. Get her something personal. Something that says you know her, and you know what makes her happy. Something not found on the Valentine’s isle in the store. Think outside the box, and she will love it even more.

Also, take her to dinner. A nice dinner. With dessert. Most of all, she wants to spend time with you. And maybe feel a little spoiled.


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